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    SubjectRe: devfs v21 & IDE cdrom
    Richard Gooch wrote:
    > writes:
    > > One problem with devfs:
    > >
    > > The directory /dev/ir should be /dev/ic instead.
    > >
    > > "c" stands for "cdrom", not "r".
    > I see your point, but the way it is now makes it more like the SCSI
    > name: /dev/sr/
    > It would be nice to have consistency between the two. I invite people
    > to comment.

    Well, since it is me rather than you who is going to
    continuously receive an extra 10 or so emails daily
    from users about this, I'd really rather not have the hassle.

    For that matter, I think I'd still like to see all the IDE
    stuff gathered under /dev/ide/, and using real names like
    disk, tape, cdrom, floppy.

    Making things a lot easier for the end-user to figure out
    will limit the support workload increase I anticipate from
    this rather immensely. (Even to the point where I now think
    that "ide" is a better name than "ata" for the subdir).

    The Linux IDE guy

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