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SubjectRe: Lost keypresses [was Re: GGI and cli/sti in X]
Dirk H. Hohndel writes:
> On Wed, 1 Apr 1998, Alan Cox wrote:
> >
> > Yes I saw it. Dirk said "It will be free". My mail asking him exactly
> > 'what sense and how' free never got a reply.
> I never received that question.
> XFree86 will be available under basically the same conditions as it today,
> which means that you will be able to use it for free both commercially and
> non-commercially.
> >
> > I've faith in the XFree team, but Im very worried about what happens as
> > XFree/Opengroup diverge or if Opengroup try and force in extensions to their
> > code to make it hard for XFree and 'official' X to work together. I also
> > know that if the XFree folks didnt do what the majority wanted there would
> > be a new XFree. Given the folks in charge I also doubt such a thing would
> > occur.
> We are talking to The Opengroup about several possible alteratives. Given
> how fresh this announcement is, there obviously is no solution yet, but
> there will be a solution and after that we will announce that solution.
> I hope people can understand that this is a somewhat logical ordering of
> events...

Let's hope something reasonable will be agreed to. The worst case is
that XFree86 can't include X11R6.4 code because the OpenGroup license
would taint the XFree86 one. That would mean divergence, which we want
to avoid.
Unfortunately, it does seem that there is a fundamental
incompatibility between the XFree86 license and the new OpenGroup one.
Fingers crossed.


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