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SubjectRe: Lost keypresses [was Re: GGI and cli/sti in X]
In article <>,
Richard Gooch <rgooch@atnf.CSIRO.AU> wrote:
>Dirk H. Hohndel writes:

>> On Wed, 1 Apr 1998, Alan Cox wrote:

>> > I've faith in the XFree team, but Im very worried about what happens as
>> > XFree/Opengroup diverge or if Opengroup try and force in extensions to their
>> > code to make it hard for XFree and 'official' X to work together. I also
>> > know that if the XFree folks didnt do what the majority wanted there would
>> > be a new XFree. Given the folks in charge I also doubt such a thing would
>> > occur.
>> We are talking to The Opengroup about several possible alteratives. Given
>> how fresh this announcement is, there obviously is no solution yet, but
>> there will be a solution and after that we will announce that solution.
>> I hope people can understand that this is a somewhat logical ordering of
>> events...
>Let's hope something reasonable will be agreed to. The worst case is
>that XFree86 can't include X11R6.4 code because the OpenGroup license
>would taint the XFree86 one. That would mean divergence, which we want
>to avoid.

Not necessarily. If the Open Group rilly rilly wants to slice their
throats wide open, is it *really* worth the effort to make it a mass
suicide? This is probably a good point for the people at the XFree
project to go their own way. Since Linux does seem to be the most
popular non-windows operating system now, what's to lose, aside from
an early grave?

david parsons \bi/ I really like the `.htm' vote of confidence for Unix.

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