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SubjectRe: 86_capability flags
On Thu, Apr 02, 1998 at 10:30:03AM +0200, Ragnar Hojland Espinosa wrote:
> Since I couldn't find anything up to date, I'm fully documenting /proc/
> just to keep myself entertained ;) Could someone describe me what these
> flags mean?
> vme ???

Virtual-8086 Mode Extensions.

> de ???

Debugging Extensions.

> pse ???

Page Size Extensions. Supports 4MB pages.

> tsc ???

Time Stamp Counter. Supports RDTSC (read time stamp counter) and
controlling access to this instruction.

> msr ???

Supports Model Specific Registers and the RDMSR (read model-specific
register) instruction.

> pae ???

Physical Address Extension. Enables paging of 36-bit physical memory.

> mce ???

Machine Check Exception. It is possible to enable a machine check.

> cx8 ???

Supports the cmpxchg8b (compare and exchange 8 bytes).

> sep ???

This is reserved in my ppro manual

> mtrr ???

Have Memory Type Range Register. These can be used to set cache
behaviour on a part of the physical memory. Lots of MTRR can be
defined (on ppro, 96).

> pge ???

Page Global Enable. Makes it possible to mark pages so that they are
not flushed on a task switch.

> cmov ???
> fcmov ???

Conditional Move and Floating point Conditional Move. Introduced in

> osfxsr ???

dunno, reserved on ppro.

> amd3d ???

AMD 3d instruction extension? (AMD MMX?)


Alexander Kjeldaas, Guardian Networks AS, Trondheim, Norway

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