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SubjectRe: Mach syscalls on Linux/Alpha.

On 5 Apr 1998, Josip Gracin wrote:
> Under Mach, a user level task has the ability to set up his own system
> call vector table so that when a thread executes a system call, Mach
> redirects that call back to the appropriate routine in the task (to be
> precise, in one of task's threads). Of course, the syscalls that Mach
> internally uses cannot be redirected but there are not many of those.
> So, I could be that syscall -33 is not the Mach's syscall, but it is
> emulated by a server.

I think that server redirection was introduced as part of the
microkernelization of Mach, ie in Mach 3.0. OSF/1 is based on Mach 2.5 or
something like that, and I'd expect that the 2.x series of Mach had the
simpler "traditional" kind of system calls.

But no, I don't know Mach very well at all (the only version I've ever
looked at was 3.0-based, and I didn't look all that much).


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