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SubjectRe: [kinda offtopic] cable modems under linux?
You don't need suport for a cable modem in the kernel.  Cable modems area
an external unit that your Cable Co. provides that then is hooked up to a
10baseT ethernet card. So the ethernet card needs to be supported, but
not the cable modem itself. As for getting the cable modem to work with
Linux... depending on the company... they set it up for you under Windows
and boot it and you are assigned a IP address and other tcp/ip
information. You will then have to write this down boot Linux and enter
in the information manually. Voila' ..... well at least that works for me
it may be different for you... but you don't need the cable modem directly
support just the ethernet card.
Good Luck,

- Jeff

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On Wed, 1 Apr 1998, BlueFlux wrote:

> I'm sorry for this question, however we are soon getting cable modems
> where i live so i thought i would ask you all if there is any support for
> this in the kernel?(or should this be in userland? nah...)
> I dont need an full answer, just some pointers to what to read and so
> on(and where to find it=)
> Thanks everyone for answering and for taking the time.
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