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SubjectRe: GGI Project Unhappy On Linux
Marek Habersack writes:
> On Fri, 27 Mar 1998, Richard Gooch wrote:
> > Alan Cox writes:
> > > [Content free flamewar parts of message ruthlessly edited] (most of them)
> >
> > :-)
> ;-)))))))
> > > > > Would you like to see boot messages?
> > > > No. I won't buy shitty cards designed for Windows 98. Just the same as I won't
> > > > buy a GUI printer or WinModem. You will? They you'll be sorry.
> > >
> > > Then you won't have a PC fairly soon. Nobody needs text mode, people are
> > > starting to emulate it by default and Linux has a fine frame buffer console
> > > without KGI/GGI getting much involved. If you want to support Japanese on
> > > the console I suspect it will also be somewhat useful (text mode is a bit
> > > small in fonts).
> >
> > Yes, unfortunately you don't get to choose what the manufacturers
> > make. If you can't buy anything but "shitty cards designed for Windows
> > 98", what are you going to do? Trade in for an abacus?
> No, I'll sell my PC and buy some decent Alpha machine (or whatever there will
> be running Linux). I hope this world has enough common sense to defend itself
> from the braindamage of Micro$oft...

I expect most Linux users will stay with Intel CPUs. There is a price
imperative for a lot of people...
Also, have you noticed that workstation vendors are coming out with
PCI buses? Alphas already use it. SGI have it as a peripheral bus for
cheap 3rd party hardware. Sun look like they're finally ditching SBus
(yay!) and have gone to PCI for the Ultra 5 and newer machines.

So I expect PCI will become even more popular. In a few years you may
find that the graphics card market only has two options:

1) "shitty cards designed for Windows 98"

2) high-end graphics/visualisation which costs more than the average
family car, and specifially costs more than *you* can afford.

"M$: where can you afford to go today?"



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