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SubjectUnable to load interpreter: 2.0.33
I just had both a sparc and an intel box crash with `Unable to load interpreter'
messages in syslog. Looking back through archives, I see that these were
symptoms of a fork bomb prior to 2.0.30, where a patch was put in to prevent
that attack. While I do not know that these machines were subjected to any
form of DOS attack, they are my outward-facing hosts.

Can you suggest anything else that causes this type of crash, so that I can
keep the machines stable? Both had uptimes around 90 days now, and I have had
no other problems - one is a firewall machine with no users and the other is
our ftp server, with plenty-o-user accounts. Thanks for any insight you may
be able to offer.

Randy Dees | SCA: Talorgen nei Wrguist
ASI Systems Administration | a bard, formerly known as Myrddyn

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