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SubjectRE: Unable to load interpreter: 2.0.33
I've had this happen a couple of times while running java apps using JDK1.1.5,
there appears to be some memory problems with this JDK, or with the user space
mem management (don't flame me :) ). Were you or any of your users doing any
java development? If so, just as a little experiment, fire up a java app using
the JDK1.1.3 or higher, and watch your memory diminish rapidly, until it runs
out and you get the message "Unable to load interpreter". If that is not the
case, then look at other processes that are running at the time. But I'm
relatively sure it's a memory hogging app that is running that is causing this
problem. I don't have a fix for it however, I don't have it happen often
enough to worry about it, and I'm basically the only one using this machine for
any java development. Hope this gives you 'some' insight as to what the
problem might be. I'd be interested to know what other responses you get. :)


On 03-Apr-98 Randy Dees wrote:
> I just had both a sparc and an intel box crash with `Unable to load
> interpreter'
> messages in syslog. Looking back through archives, I see that these were
> symptoms of a fork bomb prior to 2.0.30, where a patch was put in to prevent
> that attack. While I do not know that these machines were subjected to any
> form of DOS attack, they are my outward-facing hosts.
> Can you suggest anything else that causes this type of crash, so that I can
> keep the machines stable? Both had uptimes around 90 days now, and I have
> had
> no other problems - one is a firewall machine with no users and the other is
> our ftp server, with plenty-o-user accounts. Thanks for any insight you may
> be able to offer.
> --
> Randy Dees | SCA: Talorgen nei Wrguist
> ASI Systems Administration | a bard, formerly known as Myrddyn
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