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SubjectRe: Horrible delivery delay or is just me ?
> >linux-kernel-digest Monday, 30 March 1998 Volume 01 : Number 1751
> I just got this linux-kernel-digest from Monday. It's Friday afternoon now.
> Notice the date when this was received by (what's
> that ? I notice that they export this mailing list to Usenet) and the
> date when entropy sent it to me.
> I noticed it this week, all week long, with all of VGER mailing lists.
> What's going on ?

Hmm... Apparently Entropy and friends became overloaded
when I moved *.com fanout service from Finland to Ohio (USA).

VGER in itself is not big enough a machine to deliver directly
to the entire world and also do Majordomo magics, be home of
Linux kernel source CVS tree, etc. Thus it uses other machines
to handle deliveries to parts of the recipient address space;
fanout servers. VGER does deliver to top-level domains:
us ca mil gov int
(plus some infrequent others where special fanout does not make
sense.) VGER all by itself can't handle the big-four:
com net org edu
all of which are mostly US based addresses anyway, so going
twice under the atlantic does not make sense.

Apparently Entropy overloaded when I added .com and .org to
its .edu repertoire. Oh well, machines I use at FUNET for
VGER fanouts are not big monsters, in fact fanouting is their
secondary role, yet for them that fanout generated load is
peanuts... Thus it must be matter of software that I use vs.
what Entropy uses.

> Adoram
> | Adoram Rogel email: |

/Matti Aarnio <> <>

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