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SubjectRe: Linux-2.1.92 - Feature Freeze

Hello Linus, hello kernel-gang!

Whoever made the CONFIG_SERIAL_ECHO define a non-option might not have
thought things through: A lot of people have communications gear on their
serial ports (especially with the DEC UDB or Multi - there you need to have
a special split-cable to split the two serial lines. Unless you have one,
you can only use ttyS0), which will go bananas when the kernel (or MILO for
that matter) starts to feed it with console messages. This will surely
generate a lot of "bug reports". My suggestion is to make this configurable
again, most likely in the kernel hacking section.

But why is this needed anyway? The serial console implementation will
happily take care of serial echoing. From the docs it looks like a kernel
command line like
"console=ttyS0,9600 console=tty0"
will do exactly the same (Miquel please correct me if i am wrong), without
need of recompilation if the serial console code is included.

Dominik Kubla
"Waga hoshi wa doko ni tabine ya ama-no-gawa."
In the Summer Evening, Where is My Star Hidden in the Milky Way?
Kobayashi Issa (1763-1828)

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