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SubjectRe: Clustering on Linux
On Tue, 28 Apr 1998, Sebastian Taralunga wrote:
> || BTW: does Linux know about clusters? As far as I know, no.
> || NT5 knows already and this makes it less prone to attacks..
> Which proves that indeed what they understand by "clustering". But what
> really is clustering, and does linux support it?

*cough* beowulf/avalon *cough*

linux has been clustered for a few years. and nasa is just one entity
doing it :) the beowulf name for clustering is used at several other
locations like caltech and los alamos.

avalon is at:

there is a recently setup cluster. rather impressive, peaking at 19.3
Gflops. to the best of my knowledge....nothing m$ makes does this.

p.s. the note on slashdot says NT peaks at 4 processors. i do believe
the avalon cluster slighly exceeds that ;)
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