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    SubjectRe: linux 2.1.98 sound timeouts
    Mike Baker <> writes:

    > I'm sure this bug has already been posted, but if not here it is
    > anyways.
    > I'm running a linux 2.1.98 system with an old soundblaster 16 card and I
    > seem to be suffering dsp problems. The card will work fine when the
    > kernel is initially booted but as soon as the first sound event stops
    > the soundcard ceases to function properly playing only intermittent
    > sounds about once a second.
    > "Sound: DMA (output) timed out - IRQ/DRQ config error?"
    > I am *sure* the IRQ is set correctly and it does work in every kernel
    > version < 2.1.88 or so.
    > I suspect there is an error closing the device after inital play, yet I
    > don't know enough about sound drivers to fix it.
    > Could someone else please confirm that this is a kernel error, and if so
    > suggest some fixes?
    > I'm willing to test any patches.

    I'm seeing the same thing, and have been for a while, with my sound
    card as well -- however, it gives the time out error every time an app
    tries to use the wave output functions, and all I hear are quiet clicks.

    For contrast, my sound card is a Gateway OEM version of an Aztech
    Sound Galaxy card of some variety; in earlier kernels, the Microsoft
    Sound System driver worked fine. Sound seems to have broken relatively
    recently -- I haven't been able to get it to work since 2.1.89 or so,
    even by changing the (previously working) settings to just about
    everything I can think of.

    Trying to boot the 2.1.98-vger hangs while probing my SCSI bus, and
    importing the drivers/sound directory to plain 2.1.98 doesn't help.

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