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SubjectRe: Linux-2.1.98.. - kmod
On Sun, 26 Apr 1998, Steven N. Hirsch wrote:


> No, I'm primarily using egcs-1.0.2 w/ binutils- However, as a
> control I rebuilt the kernel on my 486 box with and binutils
> 2.8.x.y. No difference. And, to clarify my problem report, the failure
> to run rpc.mountd is happening on _both_ platforms.

Okay - I'm going to take a shot at repeating this on my machine. I don't
generally use NFS, so I wouldn't get bitten here.

I'm not seeing the problem with console output though. I'm not quite sure
how to tickle that one.

> > Other thing - did the exact same setup work for 2.1.97 with Adam's patch?
> > Only because the patch is exactly the same.
> Turns out that the lack of console output was also occurring w/ 2.1.97 +
> Adam. I don't recall seeing problems with mountd, though.
> When you consider this wierdness along with Richard Henderson's report
> about kmod not wanting to work in user space with all signals blocked,
> there's an indication of underlying misbehavior. Now to find it..

I certainly agree. The only comment about the signals is that I thought
that the same signals mess-up could occur on both the original kmod AND
the daemonless kmod on Alphas. So I'm not exactly sure if this is a
problem with kmod, or some weird issue on the Alpha.

We do need to take a look at this.

Greg Zornetzer -
"Light shines brightest in the darkest night"

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