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    SubjectRe: Linux-2.1.98..
    On Fri, 24 Apr 1998, Myrdraal wrote:
    > Has anyone had any luck with 2.1.98 on an IDE system? It gets a null
    > pointer dereference in swapper, oopses, and "Aiee, killing interrupt
    > handler"s. It does that right after printing out the PIO information
    > for my IDE chipset. I had no problems in 2.1.97.

    Hey there!
    I'm running just fine. I've got a VXPro (VIA Apollo clone) board that
    works just fine. Booted it this morning on the new K6-233 (whee!!!).
    It's running great!

    BTW, what is protocol 5? In the midst of getting kmod working, I
    noticed a bunch of complaints about net-pf-4 and net-pf-5. I tracked down
    4, but can't find 5. I'm just curious since they're both set to off


    Patrick St. Jean '97 XLH 883
    Programmer & Systems Administrator +1 713-977-4177 x115
    Larson Software Technology

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