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    SubjectRe: Linux-2.1.98..

    Well, small suggestion, we get linus to use procmail and have
    people prefix patches with a subject of PATCH, that way at least the
    patches has some chance of making it into an archive and Linus can persue
    it when he comes out of diaperhell. I was just on vacation with my cousin
    who has a 10 week old baby, and even though she is the most well behaved
    baby that i have ever seen, my cousin and her husband still look frazzled
    so I can only imagine what Linus is going through right now.


    On Fri, 24 Apr 1998, Alan Cox wrote:

    > > Saying each time "while Linus is in diaperville everyone just use the
    > > CVS tree" is wrong, because it's nice for the moment and for the
    > > developers who want to get their stuff in quickly "somewhere" (and
    > I meant for people who wanted to _test_ current networking/sound/video
    > while Linus is out.
    > > here is where the Linus model breaks down, there is no "somewhere" to
    > > queue your patches in some semi-permanent manner, we've tried to do
    > > that with vger for a while, but it breaks down) but later it's a pain
    > > in the ass for me and for Linus because I have to split up 2MB of
    > > diffs each round and get them to him cleanly, and worse yet some of
    > > these patches end up overlapping so sending completely clean stuff is
    > > an utter nightmare.
    > There isnt an answer to this one unless Linus changes his way of working
    > and we find a way we can do that without losing the advantages of the Linus
    > Torvalds bogoid code filter or someone teaches him to use a condom ;)
    > Alan
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