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SubjectRe: Antwort: SCSI networking?
Mikael Klasson wrote:

> > PS: A 100mbit Ethernet-card is almost as fast as SCSI...
> But not nearly as cool. ;) Btw, a wide Ultra2 SCSI network would be able
> to transfer ~800mbps. *shiver*
> Matt Kemner sent me this link
> where those interested
> can read more about a project involving this.

One popular networking media in supercomputer environment is HIPPI,
which comes in two flavors, 800 Mbps and 1600 Mbps. HIPPI (High
Performance Parallel Interface) can be switched to form a network
between hosts and disks. I don't know if there are any HIPPI interface
cards for PC's, but we have HIPPI on SGI's (big Challenge and Origin
2000 though), Convex and (of course) NEC SX-4.

Pierre Phaneuf <>, HNSX Supercomputers Inc.

Implementation: n., the fruitless struggle by the talented and underpaid
to fulfill promises made by the rich and ignorant.

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