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    SubjectRe: Fix for PCI detection in fdomain.c

    > My apologies. I've obviously been working too hard on this problem.
    > You're correct, I did only half apply your spelling fix to that line and
    > it does indeed work properly when your spelling fix is completely
    > applied.


    > Question: Did you fix the other problem with the driver, the one that
    > keeps it from compiling? I saw the patch you sent to Linus, and I
    > didn't see if you added the declaration for "do_fdomain_16x0_intr". It
    > was missing in 2.1.96.

    No, it seems someone has been fixing all the SCSI drivers.

    > Also, since you're maintaining the driver at the moment, you might want
    > to do some of the following:

    Well, I don't feel like being the right person to maintain the driver
    as I don't have direct access any such controller.

    > Fix the change history to note your driver re-write on
    > 11 April 1998
    > Up the driver version. It's been 5.45 since 1996, and
    > it's not the same driver anymore.

    OK, I'll do that.

    > Remove James' e-mail address from the error message that
    > appears in the 'dmesg' output. He'll probably appreciate
    > that because he's not maintaining the code anymore.


    | I agree that the old PCI bus scanning code in fdomain.c was
    | not particularly elegant, it was basically just a hack to
    | make it work. I tried using the BIOS32 routines ala Drew

    It was in also all drivers -- when I was working on the new PCI code,
    the most time-consuming part was modifying all drivers from the `single
    architecture, poor PCI support' era to my new API. This usually involved
    replacing 100 lines of code by 10 lines :-)

    | Eckhard's method in his driver, but was unable to get them
    | to work. Drew didn't seem very willing to help at the time
    | so I just hacked at it until it worked, which it did for a
    | few years.

    Until I broke it :-)

    | Portability was not an issue at the time since
    | Linux had not really been successfully ported (I mean really
    | usable) from the Intel platform. Please clean up the code
    | and remove my email address from the detection failure print
    | and replace it with your own if you wish.

    I'll probably remove the address from the message at all.

    Have a nice fortnight
    Martin `MJ' Mares <>
    Faculty of Math and Physics, Charles University, Prague, Czech Rep., Earth
    "If at first you don't succeed, redefine success."

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