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SubjectRe: Choice of "XT PIC" in /proc/interrupts

> I've kind of wondered this ever since the new format went into
> the kernel. Wouldn't the interrupts above 8 be considered AT
> interrupts? The 0 thru 8 were on the XT and then they kludged
> in another PIC that was cascaded from 2 to 9.


> Maybe just a simple "Standard PIC" on UP boxes and "APIC" for
> SMP boxes would be appropriate.
> Seeing "XT PIC" on makes it sound like my system is ooooooold. :)

The "file" is not very parsable with the space in some entries.


XT-PIC (note the '-' character)

In general:

1. avoid headers
2. add lines to the end
3. add columns to the right -- but only if you must
4. avoid whitespace inside entries
5. escape anything from users
6. avoid dumb changes, like "SigCgt" to "SigCat" in /proc/$$/status
7. [anyone else have suggestions?]

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