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SubjectRe: Did anyone else notice?
On Tue, 21 Apr 1998, Dossy wrote:

> > > True, although I think international date format is nicer; especially
> > > since it is monotonic.
> >
> > It has an implicit year 10,000 problem
> Although that _might_ be a theoretical concern, I really don't believe
> you _said_ that, Alan. =)
> The thought that we'll survive another 8k years is more than optimistic,
> in my book. And more likely than not we'll probably end up re-numbering
> our years within the next millenium, like going from BCE to AD, we'll
> probably go from AD to AA (after armageddon?) or somesuch nonsense.

But now, before armageddon, we must consider that we will be outlived by
nuclear-powered linux boxes. And we want the aliens who discover them to
be impressed that after 15000 years they are still running! :)

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