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SubjectRe: [OFFTOPIC] Re: unicode (char as abstract data type)
Followup to:  <>
By author: Alex Belits <>
In newsgroup:
> > So it is hard to impossible to gather info about language. User just
> > will not want to tell you. User may even want to write Geek with 'G'
> > in azbuka. Why not?
> Information about language is always lost if there is no place to put a
> label. Like, in Unicode.

Read the standards! It says language labelling belongs IN A HIGHER
LEVEL PROTOCOL. Incidentally, there is no existing standard for
language labelling. Oh, and don't forget: language labelling is NOT
the same as charset labelling; you seem to continually confuse the two.

> Why? One can make labels as detailed about the language as necessary --
> labeling assumes the extensibility of the labels set, and matching will
> still work because label contains charset name. See MIME for example of
> labeling (not for example of 7-bit encoding, it's unnecessary).

MIME is a horrible example, because it doesn't let you switch
languages in the middle of a document. It doesn't even begin to solve
the problem.

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