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SubjectRe: Hohum: 2.0.34pre10 uploaded
On Tue, 21 Apr 1998, Alan Cox wrote:

> > With 2.0.34patch10 (and 2.0.34patch7), I got seg fault every time
> > X server (XF86_S3) starts. Going back to 2.0.33 solves the problem.
> > This happens on all hardware I have here from 486 to pentium, PCI
> > and ISA, with different brands of display cards.
> You built it with gcc 2.8.x or egcs. Don't. Nobody has verified in detail
> that gcc 2.8.x/egcs correctly builds 2.0.x kernels (both from the gcc and
> kernel bug side)
Just in case anyone is interested: Yesterday I built linux 2.0.34pre10 with
egcs 1.0.1 on an RH5.0/glibc2.0.7.something, the X-Server is XF86S3-3.3.2, the
video card is a SPEA Mirage P64 2MB (I know, it's old, but it works).
Everything, as far as I can say this until now, works as usual (X included),
except the exploits :-)

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