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    SubjectRe: unicode (char as abstract data type)
      Alex Belits <> writes:
    > > > I can _not_ ignore it if it's there. As some discussion in IETF FTP-WG
    > > > demonstrated, in some cases (such as FTP directory) the only way to handle
    > > > unknown charset at the other end of the wire is to asume something about
    > >
    > > Since when did we put FTP service into the kernel?
    > FTP uses kernel system calls last time I have checked. And it doesn't

    Nope, FTP uses libc calls. Give it a "site encoding KOI8-R" call and it'll
    tell the libc to transliterate these pesky file names, and bingo you see
    what you always saw.

    > transfer charset information from remote end. And has no means for
    > that. However NFS (quite kernel-related thing) doesn't know anything about
    > libc,

    NFS is a kernel-to-kernel interface. The libc on the client machine is
    expected to do the transliteration, if any.

    > What if I use multiple charsets and don't want kernel to meddle? Or I
    > use database?
    You can't use multiple charsets ... ahem, encodings please, on one
    filesystem transparently.

    Databases and their contents are a userspace problem; libc has the
    transliteration routines should you need them.

    Matthias Urlichs
    noris network GmbH

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