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SubjectRe: Euro symbol (Daniel Egger)  wrote on 18.04.98 in <>:

> On Fri, 17 Apr 1998, Erik Corry wrote:
> >Why does the Euro need a special character anyway? Most of
> >the currencies it replaces don't have a special character.
> >Perhaps we could just refer to it as 'The currency formerly
> >known as the Euro' and thus avoid having to use a special
> >symbol...
> Besides the Euro there's AFAIK only one other currency with a symbol...
> Would you like a tip? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Oh yeah?

Script started on Sat Apr 18 13:58:51 1998
root@khms:/home/mirror/unicode/2.0-Update# grep Sc UnicodeData-2.0.14.txt
0024;DOLLAR SIGN;Sc;0;ET;;;;;N;;;;;
00A2;CENT SIGN;Sc;0;ET;;;;;N;;;;;
00A3;POUND SIGN;Sc;0;ET;;;;;N;;;;;
00A4;CURRENCY SIGN;Sc;0;ET;;;;;N;;;;;
00A5;YEN SIGN;Sc;0;ET;;;;;N;;;;;
09F2;BENGALI RUPEE MARK;Sc;0;L;;;;;N;;;;;
09F3;BENGALI RUPEE SIGN;Sc;0;L;;;;;N;;;;;
20A0;EURO-CURRENCY SIGN;Sc;0;ET;;;;;N;;;;;
20A1;COLON SIGN;Sc;0;ET;;;;;N;;;;;
20A2;CRUZEIRO SIGN;Sc;0;ET;;;;;N;;;;;
20A3;FRENCH FRANC SIGN;Sc;0;ET;;;;;N;;;;;
20A4;LIRA SIGN;Sc;0;ET;;;;;N;;;;;
20A5;MILL SIGN;Sc;0;ET;;;;;N;;;;;
20A6;NAIRA SIGN;Sc;0;ET;;;;;N;;;;;
20A7;PESETA SIGN;Sc;0;ET;;;;;N;;;;;
20A8;RUPEE SIGN;Sc;0;ET;<compat> 0052 0073;;;;N;;;;;
20A9;WON SIGN;Sc;0;ET;;;;;N;;;;;
20AA;NEW SHEQEL SIGN;Sc;0;ET;;;;;N;;;;;
20AB;DONG SIGN;Sc;0;ET;;;;;N;;;;;
FE69;SMALL DOLLAR SIGN;Sc;0;ON;<small> 0024;;;;N;;;;;
FF04;FULLWIDTH DOLLAR SIGN;Sc;0;ON;<wide> 0024;;;;N;;;;;
FFE0;FULLWIDTH CENT SIGN;Sc;0;ON;<wide> 00A2;;;;N;;;;;
FFE1;FULLWIDTH POUND SIGN;Sc;0;ON;<wide> 00A3;;;;N;;;;;
FFE5;FULLWIDTH YEN SIGN;Sc;0;ON;<wide> 00A5;;;;N;;;;;
FFE6;FULLWIDTH WON SIGN;Sc;0;ON;<wide> 20A9;;;;N;;;;;
root@khms:/home/mirror/unicode/2.0-Update# exit
Script done on Sat Apr 18 13:59:08 1998

MfG Kai

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