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Subjectthe list is broken
On Sat, 18 Apr 1998, Brian Weiss wrote:
> I hope this helps some people who missed the post with the actual patch in
> it.

i do believe the list is broken. over the last month i have been watching
carefully and have noted dozens of replies to messages that have not been

recently, i posted a patch to kmod.c and several of us from around the
globe were discussing the list. two people saw my patch, four people
never got it. for several months past, i would never see Linus post the
announcement of a new kernel, but replies to his announcement would show

finding and fixing where it is broken will be quite the arduous task. is
there a means of looking for "missing" email flow in the normal ops? i.e.
mail from region A isn't being received in region D?

as the list grows and more people start posting to it, the visibility of
the brokeness will emerge.

[to the list owner and exploders]
what can we do to help find and fix this?


Please read the linux/Documentation/ files and review the last week of mail
on linux-kernel before posting your problem. --thankyou

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