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SubjectRe: 2.1.97 kmod.c

On Sat, 18 Apr 1998, Dominik Weis wrote:

> I get that error message if I try to compile 2.1.97. I experienced the
> problem the first time with 2.1.96. It was working O.K. with 2.1.95 with
> prepatch 2.1.96.
> I am using egcs-1.0.2 with binutils 2.9 (BFD
> Dominik Weis

There is a character inserted instead of a space on line 116 of kmod.c,
it's very easy to fix. Here is what to look for:

kernel_thread(kmod_thread, NULL, CLONE_FILES |aCLONE_FS | CLONE_SIGHAND);

There is a little ascii character that looks like an "a" between | and
CLONE_FS. Just remove it so that the line reads as follows...

kernel_thread(kmod_thread, NULL, CLONE_FILES | CLONE_FS | CLONE_SIGHAND);

It's that simple :)


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