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SubjectRe: unicode (char as abstract data type)

On 17 Apr 1998, H. Peter Anvin wrote:

> > worst format ever invented by a human.
> Hardly. Try UTF-7 or ISO 2022 if you want a truly hideous format; or
> the rapidly deprecated UTF-1. Alex, you're already on record as
> having an axe to grind because UTF-8 doesn't assign single-byte
> characters to Russian characters, so I presume everyone already know
> to take what you're saying with a grain of salt.

It doesn't change the fact that Russians, other than myself, also don't
want to use Unicode in any kind of representation.

> UTF-8 is actually very well done given the constraints imposed on it.
> Yes, it's a compromise, but it had to be.

Charset labeling is a compromise. Unicode is a decision of
non-representative committee, imposed on everyone else by lazy software
vendors who don't want to do language specific processing, but want to
label their products as "internationalized".

> As far as Unicode being irritating (responding to the > > > poster
> above); I think we have to remember that internationalization is
> *hard*, and part of why it's hard is because for the longest time you
> couldn't even write any language other than bastardized English
> (bastardized because you couldn't write words like na
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