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SubjectRe: 2.1.93..
What about passing the location of the root volume "symbolically", by 
using a tag string that the kernel would then expect to find in the
superblock of the selected volume? The bootloader could simply be told
what to pass; it doesn't have to understand filesystems at all unless it
tries to locate the kernel itself at boot time. (LILO doesn't do that.)

1. Read in partition tables as necessary. The partition structure is
fully defined by industry spec.s; we need not worry about it changing
from one model to another.

2. Search the concatenation of all partition tables for partition types
we recognize.

3. For each recognized type, call the appropriate filesystem driver(s)
to see if the FS is truly recognizable and, if so, get its tag.

4. When a driver returns a "hit" with the tag passed by the bootloader,
that FS is root. Continue booting.

Some FS types may not have a space for a "volume name". They can't be
found symbolically until the type is extended to provide a decent label.
Meanwhile, put your root volume(s) on something that supports naming.

mount(1) should also be extended to support mounting by name. Yeah,
someone will respond "so go ahead and do it". I may, but not today.
"It's on my list."

Mark H. Wood, Lead System Programmer mwood@IUPUI.Edu
I'd rather be designing and coding.

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