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Subjectmount -o loop
Does anyone have loopback mounts working right in late 2.0.x kernels?

I used to have it going perfectly in my 2.0.25, but it seems to have
stopped working (losetup works but mount throws the kernel into a loop
insteaad of looping the mount :-). It could be my patches .... but I
had the opportunity today of trying a stock RH 4.2 (2.0.30) machine in
one of student labs, and blow me and loopback mounts don't work on it
either, with exactly the same symtoms! No mount. cpu goes wild. Can't
kill mount, etc. I managed to just about run mk2fs on a looped file, but
mkdosfs refused outright (no geometry). I couldn't mount either.

This is just a prober before I start looking. I have mount 2.5m and
libc 5.4.38. The RH 4.2 system I tried had what you'd expect.


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