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    SubjectRe: beos-bootloader? (fwd)

    I've actually already investigated this:

    Using od, not strings, zbeos is virtually identical to a 2.0.27 vmlinuz image
    up to the gzipped portion. I unzipped it and compared it to the uncompressed
    linux kernel, and so far as I can tell, there is no further similarity. One of
    the be developers in fact acknowledged that they used head.S, and are looking
    for ways to either purge zbeos of GPL'ed code, or to separately license the
    relevant parts. It sounds like they were under the impression that the file
    was NOT GPLed because it made no mention in the file itself. I don't know if
    that's defensible or not, but they say they are moving to fix it.

    If there's anything else I can investigate, let me know.


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