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SubjectDrivers out of kernel?

> ObRant: You know what really ticks me off about linux? It's not so
> much that there arent drivers for particular hardware...but that
> drivers get written...AND THEY DONT --STAY-- WRITTEN... The module
> interface changes, the kernel calls change, and if the driver isnt
> actively maintained...well that device just doesnt work anymore.
> Unlike Win95 (and just about everything else), if the drivers are
> much simpler devices than any 3d accelerator, break continually.
> I'm starting to lean toward the opinion that we should just throw
> ALL the damned drivers out of the kernel, and set them up as user-space
> libraries or servers. Maybe someone can come up with a hack to allow
> them to serve non-root users too. ugh...

Go ahead: you can do block devices using nbd (see linux/CVS), you can
do filesystems using nfs against localhost. On character devices, you
may pairs of consoles or just named pipes. Where's the problem?
Performance is not going to be too good.

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