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    SubjectRe: Improving Ext2 Reliability

    On Tue, 14 Apr 1998, Alan Cox wrote:

    > For squid servers the 2.0.33 vmalloc bug appears to be the main problem
    > folks are seeing. 2.0.34 fixes this and also seems to get squid users about
    > 5-10% speedups
    > Alan
    I'm able to confirm this....

    kernel v2.0.34pre7, pentium memcopy patch, and the vortex v0.49J-smpcheck
    driver gives the best performance so far...

    I have been useing this config with 2.0.34pre2 with an uptime of about
    35days bevor upgrading to 2.0.34pre7.

    Disksystem - software raid 0 with the latest ncr driver set v2.6i and
    2 * IBM 4.3GB UW disk for the squid cache and a third one for the
    system with 256mb swap and 256mb memory..

    only for your info

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