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SubjectSymlink loop detection
Linus noted that it's possible to fuck up the algorithm for
for detecting loops by changing the world under it.
(It's referred to as Tarjan's algorithm, but I knew it as Floyd's
cycle-finding algorithm).

A more efficient, and somewhat simpler to implement, IMHO,
technique was developed by Richard Brent. It consists of:

int i = 1;
list_t *remember;
list_t *cur;

remember = cur = start;

for (;;) {
cur = cur->next;
if (cur == remember)
break; /* Cycle found */
if ((i&(i-1)) == 0) /* Is i a power of 2? */
remember = cur;
This does a signle traversal of the list, but "halts" a comparison
point at each power-of-two step. If you ever come back to the
comparison pointer, you have a loop.

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