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SubjectRe: CONFIG_SMP patch (vs. 2.1.92)
Hi James,

> Attached it is a copy of your (mec's) CONFIG_SMP patch, taken from
>, updated
> for 2.1.92.

I'm planning to re-release this patch about two weekends from now.
I'm working on drivers/sound/Makefile stuff right now and I need to
finish that first. Plus, this patch will be a lot more testable once
the 2.1.XX sparc and sparc64 trees compile in stock form

> there is one known bug: "make checkconfig" will find a false negitive:
> "include/linux/config.h: 11: need CONFIG_SMP." I don't know perl, so I
> just let this (purely cosmetic) bug lay. I think linux/config.h should
> probably be ignored: this stinks of circular logic.

Someone could patch scripts/ to exempt linux/config.h.
If CONFIG_SMP goes in the kernel, those lines in include/linux/config.h
are a compatibility bridge that will go away about 2.3.10 anyways.


Michael Chastain
"love without fear"

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