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SubjectRe: I want my old SCSI order back :-)
Hi there.

On Mon, 13 Apr 1998, Dwight Hubbard wrote:

>> Not having this problem now, but having run into similar annoying
>> problems when adding/removing partitions and harddrives in the
>> past, thus screwing up the fstab alltogether, perhaps it's an idea
>> to have an option that can force a specific order of devices
>> making newly added devices always show up end the end of the
>> /dev/hdS|/dev/sdS list. Perhaps a pri/sec/mas/slv & scsiID <>
>> /dev/-order mapping file in /etc that performs a remount of
>> devices once it's accessable, or a tag in the partitiontable(s)
>> somewhere ?

>> Well, lemme know if you think it's a stupid idea... but I would
>> like such a feature...

> How about naming the devices by the label on the disk instead of
> how it's physically connected. I.E. a disk with a label of "foo"
> could be accessed as /dev/disk/foo in addition to the current
> naming convention of /dev/sdd. Then if the scsi ID changes or the
> disk gets hooked to a different controller it still is acessed as
> /dev/disk/foo.

I note that one of the parameters in the Superblock of ext2
filesystems is the "Mount point", and was wondering what that was for,
since it clearly isn't actually used to decide where to mount the
disk. If there's going to be problems with SCSI disks about where to
mount them, perhaps this field should be used for the purpose its name

Best wishes from Riley.

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