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SubjectSCSI (AHA1542) problems in recent kernels
I have had problems with my SCSI disk in a number of 2.1.* kernels. I am not
sure if there is a known problem as I haven't noticed discussions on this list.

In /var/adm/syslog I get the following:

Apr 11 13:33:18 udgaard kernel: HACC aha1542.c: interrupt received, but no mail.
Apr 11 13:33:18 udgaard kernel: Sent BUS RESET to scsi host 0
Apr 11 13:33:18 udgaard kernel: Kernel panic: scsi_free:Trying to free unused memory

when trying to access the disk.

Everything is quite old (the 1542 and SCSI disk, 1991, PC system, 1994) so for
a long time I thought that it might be the hardware that is failing, which may
of course actually *be* the problem. I haven't been able to detect any problems
using badblocks or other methods, though.

After the above message has appeared, I am not able to kill the processes that
tries to access the disk, eg. df, neither kill -9 nor Ctrl-C. I am also not
able to shut down the system with reboot or halt, and the three-finger doesn't
do anything. I get the message "The system is going down for reboot NOW !!",
but then nothing happens. I can only shut it down with the big red button.

The system is a 486DX2/66 GW2000 with a CMD640 and one WD ide disk plus the
mentioned SCSI board and a Seagate HD. The kernel also has support for a NE2000
clone and that connection seems to work fine. I used to have SB16 support in,
but using it as a module with the present module-problems, I haven't loaded it.

To help figure out if I have a hardware problem or a possible kernel problem,
I am all ears for what to do further. For now I will have to revert to 2.0.33
that works very well for me.



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