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    SubjectRe: bigphysarea in 2.2
    Peter Monta <> writes:

    > > Is it too late to ask that the bigphysarea patch be included in the
    > > 2.1-and-soon-to-be-2.2 kernel?
    > Seconded. Thanks for offering to maintain it.

    With the new kernel memory manager, and if the defragmenting code which
    is under development works, wouldn't it be more useful to use standard
    kernel memory allocation. Static allocation like in bigphysarea is more
    a work-around that a real solution.

    Maybe we should ask the memory kernel hackers (Stephen, Ben, Rick,
    Werner?) to support big allocations. I personally need 512 Kbytes
    contiguous blocks for a direct-from/to-memory network card. A possible
    problem is that those blocks should 512 Kbytes aligned (Argh!! !*%&@

    Is it doable with current code in 2.1 (due to feature freeze) ? On the
    other side, I agree that at least a work-around like bigphysarea should
    be included in 2.2. More and more PCI cards make direct access to memory
    for big transfers.

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