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SubjectRe: 2.1.95: freezes persist

The reason I ask if it is genuine Intel is that I have had problems with
CPU overheat since about 2.1.90 or so. I can compile all day running .86
or .87 but it started falling on its butt at around .90

I had a slow fan on a 486, replaced the fan and added heatsink compound
and have had no more failures in compile. Had trouble with a 6x86 as well
when compiling running 2.1.93 but it works fine running 2.0.32.

Cyrix CPU's are even more prone to heat problems. If you have a slow fan
or no heatsink compund between the heatsink and chip, you can have
problems particularly if you are not using the set6x86 to set the
halt-on-idle characteristic in the CPU control register to emulate Intel.

If nothing else turns up, you might want to pull the cover off the PC and
see if you have CPU fan trouble. It could have died when at the same time
you went to 2.1.9x or it might be something in 2.1.9x causing the CPU to

George Bonser

If I had a catchy quip, it would be here.
Debian/GNU Linux ... the maintainable operating system.

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