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SubjectRe: 2.1.95: freezes persist
 # 	When I boot 2.1.95, my system runs for about five minutes
# and then locks up cold. It is not pingable, and there is absolutely
# no response to anything I try to do from the keyboard. It is completely
# frozen, just like in 2.1.93 and 2.1.94.

Yep, me too, sorta.

my informal tests:

2.1.94 - I ran a compile of the kernel in an endless loop with absolutely
no problems. For hours. But someplace between one and two hours after I
stopped it (and the machine was idle) it 'sorta' locked up.

Alt-sysRq worked fine. I could change VC's. Pings were happy. But I
couldn't type anything. I was able to sync, umount and reboot just fine.

2.1.95 - I ran


while :
make clean;make depend;make -j zImage

on two different trees concurrently. After about two hours (and a load
average of 35 :) it did exactly what 2.1.94 did. alt-sysrq worked as

Asus P55T2P4 w/133 Pentium (UP) 48mb/127mb swap


simple is elegant

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