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    Subject[RFC<g>]: Secure Gateway/Proxy/Firewall Distribution

    Hi, I'm looking into putting together a new distribution for easilly
    building a gateway/firewall machine, small, fast, and _secure_. Currently
    the distributions install all manner of things, and usually lack somewhat
    in security.

    I envision a _small_ distribution that should install to < 100Mb and will
    provide proxys for normal things (ie, web, ftp, telnet, ping(?), etc),
    obviously this would not actually have forwarding enabled in the kernel,
    and I'm undecided on weither module support is prudent. This will not
    include a compiler, and will not accept normal telnet login, management
    would be more sensible to done via either the local console port, or ssh,
    kerbros, ssl telnet, or even ipsec tunnelling. It would include form of
    packet sucker that could listen on many 'standard' ports on the outside
    interface and try to detect DOS attacks. Also it would include a simple,
    secure mta that can pass traffic onto a internal mailhost for the domain
    and would provide smart relaying for the internal mailhost -> the

    Anyhows, if your interested in being involved please email me privately
    and if there is a good amount of interest I can provide a maillist to
    discuss it further instead of clogging up these lists.

    I am very welcome to general suggestions also, so please, send me your

    Thank you,

    Patrick Jordan-Smith | . o O ( Seagirt ) O o . |

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