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SubjectRe: GGI and cli/sti in X
On Mar 29, wrote:

> Sorry Linus, I see a flaw here.. and I'm sure most other people do too..
> X is not the only graphical program for Linux. Hopefully, it never will
> be.. Right now I can setup a nice Linux boot disk with a nice SVGAlib
> program. I could never put X on a disk or two. X also uses lots of memory.

and you think a SVGAlib supporing _all_ current cards (or at leat those
which are supported by XFree86;) is so small that it's a good idea
to put it on a single book disk? ;-)

and what happens for a new unknown card, if your great magic pinuin (or whatever)
trashes graphics setup ? do you really thing this is an _important_
argument to trash existing code? I don't think so.

> Therefor, it would be stupid to force all programers who want graphical
> programming to use X.. It wouldn't be the Linux way (TM).

for me, the `Linux way (TM)' is to do it _compatible_ if possible
and if there are not _very_good_ arguments for other, better solutions.
(see the "Securelevel bitmap patch" thread right now here on linux-kernel
for such a `incompatibility' for good reasons).

> Is sound like that you are advocating that all graphics use X..


> What would happen with your userspace modesetting daemon when it meets up
> with the likes of a svgalib game.. or dosemu..
> If you are
> then your wrapper would work fine.. However, forcing X for graphics is
> really not acceptiable.. (At least not to me :) ).

so why not work on improving that `wrapper' ?
I don't need it so I won't...

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