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    Subject2.1.90/91 lock-ups -- RAID?
    I have two machines -- virtually identical hardware except for # of SCSI
    disks. Main difference is the machine that is locking up runs RAID5 and
    100BaseT (same 3c905 net card on both -- just 10BaseT on one machine and 100
    on the other).

    2.1.89 works fine (or at least hasn't crashed yet on either machine -- was
    up for about 8 days before I upgraded to 90)
    2.1.90/91 both lock up after a few hours of uptime on the RAID machine (the
    other machine works fine on 90/91 as e-mail and web server). I tried to
    "ckraid --fix /etc/raid5.conf" on the RAID box several times and each time
    it caused the machine to lock-up (happened three times so it's pretty

    Last lock-up at least happened quick enough (right after reboot while
    running ckraid) that the console hadn't blanked yet...bad news is there
    weren't any messages anywhere (console, messages, or syslog). SYSREQ also
    didn't work and network didn't work (couldn't ping the box).

    It looks like it's a RAID related problem to me as that is the main
    difference between these two boxes (and since ckraid causes the lock-ups).

    I've now re-booted to 2.1.89, run ckraid successfully (takes 35 minutes),
    e2fsck, and all is well again...

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