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    SubjectRe: GGI Project Unhappy On Linux
    Marek Habersack writes:
    > On Mon, 30 Mar 1998, Alan Cox wrote:
    > > > > HP printers like a champ with no windows around.
    > > > But what about the legalese? If the protocols are prioprietary to M$ then you
    > >
    > > What about the legalese ?
    > You'd have to licence the protocols (if their legal status requires that - and
    > it seems probable knowing the M$ ways of doing things)

    You have been throwing around a lot of claims without substantiating
    any of them. You make statements purporting to be factual whereas they
    are just your (uninformed) opinion. When someone points out you are
    wrong, you just ignore that and continue on with "yes, but..." and
    just go on and on and on and on...

    This is getting really tiresome. Please stop throwing out claims and
    warning everying of "problems" and other impending disasters without
    first *checking* if what you are saying has any substance. If you
    don't actually *know*, then *ask a question*, don't just say
    such-and-such is a problem/cannot be done or whatever.

    > > > can't legally use them in a free product? So what's the use of the fact that
    > > > you know how the protocol works?
    > >
    > > Of course I can use them. At worst US citizens couldnt use it cos they have a
    > > fucked up patent system.
    > And what share of users does the US market have?

    Look, like Alan said, look at VFAT, NTFS, Netware and all the other
    goodies that Linux has, and there is *no problem* in the U.S.A.
    In fact, go read some history: the entire PC clone industry exists
    because the original IBM BIOS was reverse engineered. There was no
    problem doing this, and this kind of practice has happened time and
    time again in the U.S.A., so *clearly* this is a complete
    non-issue. There is a well-defined mechanism for reverse engineering a
    proprietary protocol/API.



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