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SubjectRe: GGI Project Unhappy On Linux
Alan Cox wrote:
> > KGI isn't going away because there are no other proposals to
> > deal with the problem that Xservers crash systems.
> Not quite the case
> fbcon already handles this on the PPC, 68K and soon the ARM platform
> the sparc code handles this on the sparc (and needs moving to fbcon)
> Its just these funny intel boxes that need moving to some kind of fbcon/kgi
> combo. fbcon does all the framebuffer, kgi has the loadable pc
> style drivers and some work on acceleration that is going to go somewhere
> good whatever shape it ends up in. The combination of the lot once figured
> will be real nice for everyone
> Alan

Can best parts of KGI and fbcon be merged? How much work would that
propose to both sides?


Andrej Presern,

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