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    SubjectTropez under 2.1.90

    I have several questions about the modularized Tropez drivers (mad16,
    ad1848, maui) under 2.1.90.

    a) Random digital-sounding noise appears in very small bursts, often
    like clicks, which roughly correlate with large video actions (focus
    change, new window, virtual screen change, etc) under XF86. Is this a
    known problem? FWIW It didn't happen under 2.1.58. (if not digital,
    could some mixer channel be accidentally left open to pick up
    ambient emi from other boards ? )

    b) The firmware code (sound_firmware.c) appears to assume that the
    card operating system microcode will be less than 64K. For the Maui,
    the code is ~94K resulting in an "Invalid firmware" message when the
    module is loaded. Is it safe to increase this number(seems to work),
    or am I flirting with death by crossing some memory segment boundary ?

    Matt Martin

    Linux poobah 2.1.90 #9 Tue Mar 24 22:08:45 EST 1998 i586 unknown
    Kernel modules found
    Gnu C
    Linux C Library 5.4.44
    Dynamic Linker ( 1.9.5
    Linux C++ Library 27.2.8
    Procps 1.2.6
    Mount 2.7l
    Net-tools 1.41
    Kbd 0.94
    Sh-utils 1.16

    Lehigh U. Microelectronics Research Lab "The Clubhouse"
    16A Memorial Dr. E., Bethlehem,PA,18015 126 East 4th St.
    mmartin @ Bethlehem, PA,18015-1702
    Work:(610) 758-3951 (Office) MGM1 @ LEHIGH.EDU
    -4518 (Lab) Home: (610) 758-9662
    WWW: "" AIM ID: MmAaRtTtIN
    PGP Public key at "finger"

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