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SubjectRe: "Greased TCPenguin"
On Thu, 26 Mar 1998, Richard Gooch wrote:

> BTW: I'm using CSLIP, not PPP. I don't get any more performance from
> my serial link than what I did with earlier 2.1.x kernels (the one
> before the TCP breakage).

If it matters, I run CSLIP too off a 57.6 Kbps ll-link and get those too.

> I got 13 in the space of 50 minutes. All I was doing was reading email
> (Emacs ViewMail over lbx) and transferred (rcp) two small files (one
> around 9 kBytes and the other under 1 kByte).

My findings with 2.1 kernels are that the errors are somewhat random
(not related to load on the link, etc.) so I just put them down to
"noise" on the 4-wire cable. /var/adm/messages show something like 10-20
messages/day for 2.1.90

Interesting thing is all the error's have come from ssh-connections,
none of them have come from, let's say playing q2. Must be a TCP vs. UDP

Samuli Kaski,
Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki, Finland.

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