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SubjectRe: proclaimed kernel networking bug
Hi Jakob.

>> It's an old file stick with the latest 2.0.x series and you
>> will be fine. I've seen it used on my system a number of times

> I run a server on 2.0.30 and don't particularly like to change
> the kernel since I _only_ have remote access to the machine.
> Would this kernel be vulnerable likely (I'm also not hot on the
> idea of trying myself...)?

Memory says there were several serious security bugs fixed in
2.0.32 but not in earlier kernels, not least the F00F bug...

You might like to upgrade the kernel to at least 2.0.32,
preferably 2.0.33 - not hard, I've upgraded several remotely,
mainly in either the USA or Australia (and I live in Scotland).

Best wishes from Riley.

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