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SubjectRe: ___ Yet one problem with 2.0.33 :-(
On Wed, 25 Mar 1998, Yuri Kuzmenko wrote:
> I have a small server running Linux with 2.0.33 kernel. Hardware is:
> P133/64Mb RAM/64Mb swap/2Gb SCSI hdd/SCSI cdrom/IDE cdrom
> SCSI: AIC-7880 onboard
> eth0: simple ne2000 card
> eth1: intel eepro100 (i82557)

I have a smaller server, with less than reliable hardware:
Cx486DX2/66, 8RAM, 25swap, 400 megs total HD, el-cheapo ne2000 card

> Server runs approx. two month, than halts and forever shows messages which
> listed below.

When my server develops an uptime of over about 2-3 weeks, it
tends to crash with the "Couldn't get a free page..." messages.
I've always blamed the shotty hardware for these crashes [the
server is usually totally idle when these crashes occur]. I use the
machine as my router/DNS/everything else server, and it usually crashes
during the night, when I've disconnected from the internet. I'm puzzled
as to how it can run out of RAM when it's not doing anything at night.
[other than updatedb I suppose].
If this is not a hardware problem, I'd love to hear what it is :)


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