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SubjectRe: More FD's in 2.0.33
On Tue, 24 Mar 1998, Shane Anderson wrote:

> I'm looking for the *RIGHT* way to get more open files in 2.0.33.
> I've downloaded Michael O'Reilly's patch, but it had problems with
> portmapper (on RedHat 5.0 w/ all the latest updates) crapping
> out--apparently due to bad file descriptors, which I think was due to
> the dynamic allocation done in this patch. So, since then I've tried
> to just change the #define's that I believe matter, namely:

You need some variation of the kmalloc patch, otherwise you risk
overflowing space in the kernel, and then bad things happen. Someone had
mentioned that even with the limit raised to 3000, the default should
still be set to 256, and that programs should use setrlimit to raise the
limit when necessary. That may fix your problem.

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