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SubjectRe: compile problems with the kernel
>   "Marty Leisner" <> writes:
> > Why don't we just leave make alone
> > (so you can do
> >
> > make -j 2
> > like you normally do instead of
> > make MAKE='make -j 2'
> Easy, because the main Make just does a
> for i in $SUBDIRS; do $MAKE -C $$i; done
> which cannot be parallelized unless you somehow propagate the -j into the
> submake, which standard GNU make cannot do because it doesn't have a
> central "how many jobs are currently running" counter.
> Adding such a thing is basically impossible, unfortunately, unless you want
> to reimplement a /bin/sh parser inside Make. :-/

man semop(2).
It would appear SysV semaphores are all that you need to "correctly" implement
parallel make over multiple directories (the semaphore counts the number of
running jobs thereby maintaining the limit). Whether it's worth the effort is
another matter.


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